Please read these terms of use, by accessing, www.gnmeds.com, You agree to be bound by the terms described herein, If you do not agree to all of these terms, PLEASE DO NOT use this service.

1. What is gnmeds?

1.1 The domain name www.gnmeds.com is owned by GURU NANAK MEDICOS.The domain name and the mobile applications collectively called as the website and GNMeds is a trade name of GURU NANAK MEDICOS.
1.2 By accessing, browsing or transaction in any way or awailling any service, you signify your agreement to be bound by these terms of use ( herein after referred to as you, your or the user on one part and GNMeds on the other part.)
1.3 GNMeds reserves the right to change, or modification these terms of use or any policy of the website, at any time and in the sole discretion on immediately effective.
1.4 You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to use or visit the website in any manner. by visiting
you accept and represent us that you are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older.
1.5 GNMeds authorizes you to view and access the contents available on the site only for purposes of
the services that is visiting, using, ordering, uploading, receiving, communicating as per terms and conditions.
1.6 The contents on the website including Text, Arrangement, Information, Graphics, Images, Icons, Logos, Design, Audio and Video collectively ìTHE CONTENTî are the property of GNMeds and is protected under the law (s). you can not reuse, modify, reproduce or display at your own. you can use as it, in the name of GNMeds.
1.7 these terms of use includes an electronic record in term of IT act and rules under.

2. Your account

2.1 By accessing GNMeds, you agree and acknowledge that you would create your account providing accurate, truthful, current and full information, while creating your account.
2.2 You should not share your account or transaction details such as Password, OTP etc. to any one ,
in order to maintain the security of your account. take responsibilities for all such activities which occurs
through your account and accept accept all risk of unauthorized access.
2.3 In order to process your request, we collect the following personal details. your name, phone number, e mail, shipping address, postal index number, age, gender, prescription ( for medicines).

3. Others

3.1 All prices are subject to change at time to time. if you for example, ordered medicine at price Rs 50.00 but the stock that available on the time of billing will be less or more than Rs 50.00 your invoice will be decreased or increase according to that percentage.
3.2 All trademarks and registered products under GNMeds are the property of there respective owners.
3.3 GNMeds does not make any representation on warranty or to legal title of the pharmaceuticals or other products offered by the third party company or pharmacy on the website.
3.4 To provide a secure and safe shopping experience, your data will not share by us to any other third party.
3.5 If you notice any error on page, you can inform our Pharmacist, your request will be validated and edited.
3.6 Delivery; accept and acknowledge that, gnmeds is not responsible for delayed delivery in unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, riot, fire, civil disturbances, action or decrees of government bodies, communication failure, or other unlikely situations and shortage, unavailability of products by marketing or manufacturer level. No dispute or disagreement can arise in such cases.
3.7 Prescription Medicines ( Rx)
3.7.1The gnmeds is a platform that can be used by you for purchasing all the products, only Prescription Medicines requires a valid Prescription from registered medical practitioner. in order to, you are require
to upload a copy of VALID Prescription. We or all other relative pharmacy can verify the Prescription.
3.7.2 You are also requested to make available Prescription at the time of delivery of your order. you shall allow to stamp the original Prescription at the time of medicine delivery, failing which medicine will not be delivered to you.
3.7.3 We shall maintain a Prescription record upload by you.
3.8 Substitute of Medicines you can buy Substitute of Medicine iff your doctor themselves or on your request permitted for any other equivalent generic medicine to be dispensed a salt name in place of brand name in the prescription.

4. Prohibited Contents

No one can upload anything else than Prescription.
we are not supporting the following contents-
4.1 Contents depicting drug use.
4.2 Excessive violence or harming animals.
4.3 Disrespectful sensational material.
4.4 False or misleading content.
4.5 that direct other user to Phishing links, Malware, Botware etc.
4.6 Damage, degrade or show hatred towards a particular race, culture or country.
4.7 Misuse of Prescription medicines.
4.8 Depicting sexual behaviour, gesture or nudity.
4.9 Pyramid scheme offers.
4.10 Illegal or recreational drugs or drug paraphernalia.
4.11 Tobacco products.
4.12 Unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements.
4.13 Products that claims misleading or false impression.
4.14 alcohol, gambling, lotteries or financial service.
users are also prohibited from-
4.15 violating or attempting to violate the security and integrity of the website.
4.16 submitting false, incomplete or inaccurate information on the website intentionally.
4.17 transmitting any information including messages, hyperlinks on or through the website that is
disruptive or objectionable.
4.18 using spyware, tool, engine software, agent or other device to search or navigate the website.
4.19 copying or duplicating the information or any of its content.
4.20 not using website in any manner other than purchasing the product.

5.Blog and Editorials

Blog and Editorials topics are chosen on the basis of new drug launches, current health news, medical findings and alert etc. Articles from the other editors with there permission may be reproduce.

6. Payments and Fees

6.1 You can access, browse, buy through GNMeds free of charge.only liable to pay for your order and shipment if any.
6.2 in order to process the payments, GNMeds’s gateway partner might require details of user is bank account or credit/debit card etc. All such information provide by the user are confidential.

7. Return and Refunds

We can only offer Returns, Refunds, Cancellations in accordance to the Return and Refund Policy.

8. Delay in delivery

Users Accept and Acknowledge that GNMeds is not responsible for delayed delivery in unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, riot, fire, civil disturbances, action or decrees of government bodies
communication failure, or other unlikely situations and shortage, unavailability of products by marketing or manufacturer level. no dispute or disagreement can arise. Which are not caused due to the fault of GNMeds and beyond the control of GNMeds.

9. Dispute Resolution

These terms of use and any contractual obligation between parties will be governed by the Laws of India and any legal action or proceeding subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court at Jalandhar city. All disputes will be subject to arbitration at Jalandhar city only in English by a sole arbitration appointed by GNMeds under arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996.

10. Headings                    

The Headings and Subheadings, herein are included for convenience and to identify only and are not intended to describe, interpret, define or limit the scope, extent or intent of these Terms of use.